Shamanic Training

Shamanic Training Module 8


Dates are not yet set for this course. Please use the contact form to request to be informed when dates are available.


Ytre Sogn, Norway – next to the beautiful Sognefjord. Get here by car or by bus.


8000 Norwegian kroner – fully residential.

Included in the price:

Tuition, accommodation and all meals.

The module includes:

Extra-ordinary Expressions

In a culture that often ridicules practices such as shamanism, it can be challenging for a practitioner to give expression to their skills, gifts and talents. This problem is not new and many of our ancestors faced much worse penalties than just ridicule, some of them faced being killed for their beliefs or practices.

In this module, we explore some of the ways in which practitioners continued to practice in the arts of natural magic. It is possible to adopt or adapt some of the practices our ancestors might have taken, to honour them and even weave some of them into the fabric of our desired lifestyle.

You Right to Passage

Traditionally, cultures promoted certain rites of passage that marked significant transitions, for example between stages of life, professions, or ways of being. Such rites gave life to liminal aspects of the threshold, the time or space in-between where the magic of transition took place.

In this module, we introduce important thresholds so that you may feel the gentle but powerful forces of initiation that welcome your sovereign self.

Languages of the Soul

The language of the soul includes metaphor, symbol, story, art, imagination. To communicate effectively with our soul, it is necessary to be adept in understanding or embracing such languages. In this module you are given opportunities and encouraged to work with some of the aspects of the language of the soul and to allow the sacred marriage between the Soul and the Ego to mature.

Module Preparation

There is preparation work you need to do before this module. Although this could be done quickly, it may be better to give yourself at least two weeks, or more, to plan and carry out the preparations. It is, therefore advisable, to book this module as early as possible before the start date so that you can receive the guidelines in good time.