Sacred Objects

Alternatively, why not come to make your own drum at our Birthing the Shaman’s Drum course? Find details here.

The shaman’s horse

A shamanic drum was sometimes described as the ‘shaman’s horse’ because it would take her or him between different worlds where they could work with spirit helpers.

Simon makes shamanic drums not as a product but as a sacred object. Each drum is made for a specific person and is imbued with specific energies for that person. As such, there are no ‘off the shelf’ drums for sale here, but they can be custom made at your request. Prices do vary according to some factors, so please just get in touch to discuss how this works.

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We call you with our rattle

Rattles are a popular sacred object for shamans and can be used for the classical shamanic journey as well as for calling in helping spirits and other ritual work.

Simon makes rattles to order and prices vary according to how it is to be made, sizes and whether or not painting is required. Each rattle is unique and can be completely dedicated to the user.

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