Shamanic Training

Shamanic Training Module 3


25 September to 29 September 2024


Ytre Sogn, Norway – next to the beautiful Sognefjord. Get here by car or by bus.


8000 Norwegian kroner – fully residential.

Included in the price:

Tuition, accommodation and all meals.

The course includes:

Identifying and removing curses

Many people are held back to some degree because they are affected by curses. The problem may be more widespread than we like to imagine. There are different types and strengths of curses, so you will engage in identifying what might be going on to bring misfortune. Once identified, you will be shown safe procedures for undoing the curse so that the person is freed from its effects.

During the training, you will also have opportunities to be cleared of curses that may be affecting you personally.

Ancestral curses

You learn and practice safe removal of curses that were constructed with the intention of negatively affecting family lines. Often these were made and issued many generations ago but are still active in this time. Such curses are usually persistent until identified and removed by trained practitioners.

Contemporary curses

Curses that have been made in recent times can include those from so called amateur techniques, those that are self-generated, or from any other outside source, including modern-day sorcery. You learn what these are, how to identify them and how to safely dissolve them so effects are eradicated. You will also learn good ways to avoid further curses affecting you personally.