Training & Workshops

All courses are fully residential in Norway and prices include accommodation and food, unless otherwise stated.

Training is cross-cultural, so methods and techniques are not tied to any particular culture or model. If you are looking for culturally specific work, our programs are probably not suitable for you.

We aim to be clear about fees so there will be no surprises. Click here for pricing and options for all courses.

Modular Shamanic Training

Suitable if you are looking for:

Introduction and foundations of cross-cultural shamanism.

Training in classical methods used by shamanic practitioners.

Ongoing opportunities to progressively move to deeper levels of shamanic work and life-styles.

Ways to deepen relationships with humans, animals, Nature and the True Self.

Opportunities to use shamanic healing methods and other shamanic techniques for yourself and for others.

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The Sovereign Self

Suitable if you are a shamanic practitioner, or have some experience in shamanism or good experience with spiritual work.

A body of work designed to support your journey towards your True Self.

Opportunities to meet significant thresholds and step into new ways of being.

Engagement with the language of the soul.

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The Soulful Self

Suitable if you have some shamanic journey skills and are looking towards learning or developing skills in the art of Soul Retrieval.

The course is designed with advanced practice in mind while being accessible by those who are relatively new to shamanism.

One main aim is that you attain strong skills in this essential classical healing modality.

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The Mystical Drum

A residential course with focus on making your own shamanic drum.

Building a relationship with the drum and learning some ways to use it for healing.

Engaging in powerful beneficial ceremonial work.

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