About our school

The school is a small organisation with the aim of providing quality training and enjoyable experiences for all students. Accommodation is provided at the farm where students report feeling welcome and at home.

Our aims centre on education and experience. Nobody takes a salary and fees paid go towards expenses as well as developing the school. We try very hard to help students achieve worthwhile, interesting, enjoyable and fruitful experiences.

The farm is on the banks of the magnificent Sognefjord in Norway, a well known fjord that stretches inland for over 200 km and is in parts 6 km wide. Mountains line the banks of the fjord and snow can often be seen on their tops. Most of the training takes place here on the farm. Accommodation is in a house with good facilities and a homely atmosphere.

Food is mainly vegetarian, although we sometimes offer fresh wild fish that is caught locally from the fjord. We can adjust meals for gluten and dairy free. We have a small vegetable garden and enjoy seasonal fruit and berries as well as foraging directly from the forest.

You will be surrounded by beautiful Nature and stunning landscapes, with Nature Spirits all around. From the old farm house to the powerful haunts of the forest, the place is here to enjoy while you immerse yourself in the work.

Teaching and Healing Work

Simon Chamberlain is a shamanic practitioner, drum maker, teacher and founder of the Nordic School of Shamanism. His qualifications, training, experience and teaching cover a wide range of subjects including shamanism, psychology, neuroscience, hypnotherapy, counselling, mentoring and martial arts. He taught psychology, criminal psychology and neuroscience for many years as well as mentoring victims of crime.

Originally from the UK, Simon now lives in Norway on a small farm overlooking the magnificent Sognefjord. His focus has turned towards deeper dedication to Nature and he has a wish to integrate shamanic principles to align with his lifestyle. He believes shamanic education should be available to many people and that a shamanic way of being can bring great benefits to individuals, modern society and the world.