Why Learn About Shamanism?

Shamanism is not about “celebrity” and is not a fast-track way to “enlightenment” – it is a way of life available to ordinary people who have a heart to devote to the light of the True Self.

Deep Connections

Shamanism has beautiful principles at its heart, with deep connections to Nature, the Universe and the True Self that can be found at the core of every person.

Within shamanism, it is understood that everything is alive and has a soul. People and societies that have this understanding will take care of everything within Nature and the environment.

Shamans understand everything is connected. In looking after ourselves, we look after each other and in looking after each other, we look after ourselves.

Next Generations

As well as working for personal and community well-being, shamanic practitioners take a longer term view to focus attention on how future generations will thrive in the care of each other and our great Mother Earth.

A soul-centred approach has been around for millennia and we can draw on ancient wisdom to help bring strong positive energies to a modern culture. Perhaps our ancestors were not always correct, we can benefit greatly by understanding some of their approaches and wisdom that will benefit future generations.

One can find great personal joy in planting seeds of trees that will provide shelter for those yet to come.

Balance and Harmony

People engaged in shamanic work tend to walk on pathways towards balance and use practices that support beneficial aspects of their life while re-aligning non-beneficial aspects. This allows a greater sense of well-being to keep on growing.

The word “harmony” suggests a coming together of tones that are pleasing to the ear. Those who work with shamanic practices find different aspects within life can be adjusted to come together and encourage pleasing feelings, attitudes, outlooks and behaviours.

The “human condition” can attain balance and harmony, which is often recognised by practitioners as one of the most beneficial goals to aim for.

Everyday Benefits

Shamanism can provide many opportunities for effective regular practices as nourishment for the soul in everyday life. Such practices can satisfy every kind of life-style and are not dependent on particular religions or belief systems.

By integrating shamanic work, one can find inner peace even in a seemingly chaotic world and meet many situations with a calm approach.

By generating more personal power and expression, one can weather more storms and work through much of the clutter that can be presented in this modern fast-paced culture.

Excitement and Fun

In this place of learning, you will be encouraged to keep a sense of fun and lightness. While we are very serious about what we do, there is a lot of room for laughter and sharing in the excitement of the work.

We are not usually very far away from interesting and remarkable transformations and, at the same time, do not need to take ourselves too seriously. Of course, there can be tears also and these are a welcome part of our work together.

We come together for appropriate work and appropriate play and find a safe place for expression when the need arises.