Health & Well-being

Healing services

A note about fees

Fees allow the school to continue to offer people support, so we ask those who have the financial means to contribute full fees. However, our aim is to offer support without placing financial strain upon people who need it. Those who cannot afford the published fee, are therefore invited to contact me to see if we can find a solution.

A note about my work

In my experience, shamanic healing is a process rather than an event. By far the most powerful results arrive as a client takes an active role and engages as fully as possible with integration work given to them following my work.

Shamanic healing

I am only taking face-to-face appointments, which means you need to apply in advance and travel to Ytre Sogn. Overnight accommodation and food is offered.

I will use a number of different shamanic methods along with ritual and ceremonial work. The minimum session time is 4 hours.

Fees will be agreed in advance, according to how many days and nights you will be here and how much healing work is suggested. Some sample fees are given in the table below.


One night accommodation including all meals plus at least 4 hours healing work3700 Norwegian kroner
Two nights accommodation including all meals plus a minimum of 8 hours healing work7000 Norwegian kroner