Shamanic Practitioner Training

We are now accepting applications for our Shamanic Practitioner Training beginning in March 2025.

Teaching Aims

This course teaches a full set of tools needed for an effective shamanic healing practice. You will be able to use these tools with clients, family, friends, places, animals, Nature and on yourself. The course will be 5 taught modules and 1 independent module, over a 9 month period.

You will learn:

Experiences you will have include:

We do not use any psychoactive or consciousness altering substances on this training or any of our work.

Location, Accommodation, Food

The 5 taught modules are fully residential at our site on the west side of Norway, overlooking the magnificent Sognefjord. The independent module is at least 1 overnight stay at a place chosen and arranged by you (more guidance will be offered during the course).

The spirit of hospitality is very important to us. Accommodation is in our comfortable farmhouse set in a large expanse of garden and forest land and overlooking the fjord. Food is cooked and served for you and we cater for a range of dietary requirements. Some snacks are served in breaks, along with coffee, tea, etc.

Our dedicated group training room is heated and spacious as well as being close to the house and facilities. The room is kept energetically clean and students often remark on it as a powerful, safe container.

Group Size

We are interested in quality, not quantity. The course will be taught in a small group of between 3 to 6 people, depending on the number of applicants accepted. We aim to provide high quality training so that you can become a high quality practitioner and this is one of the reasons we keep groups small.

We are a small school and have no aspirations to grow bigger. For this reason, we are delighted to be able to offer personal attention to you as and when you need it. Your trainer can be contacted directly, even between modules, and will answer you personally, often quite quickly. We have a network of practitioners who can offer extra mentoring if you feel it would benefit you. We are also keen to support shamanic practitioners who have successfully completed the course, with a reasonable level of advice freely available.


Places are offered only to applicants who we consider committed, determined people who can work together, who respect each other and who will honour the work. We are looking for people who are serious about the process, who are motivated and highly likely to complete the whole of the course. Applicants must be willing to complete all modules of the course and also to engage in homework. Please apply only if you feel sure you will be suitable according to the qualities we seek.

It is not important for you to have experience with shamanic techniques prior to starting the course as long as you have a genuine interest and are committed to engaging in the work.

Dates and Cost

Each module starts on a Wednesday evening and is completed on the following Sunday afternoon.

Module numberDates
112 to 16 March 2025
221 to 25 May 2025
316 to 20 July 2025
417 to 21 September 2025
512 to 16 November 2025

Cost of the complete course, including all 5 modules, accommodation and food is 35000 Norwegian kroner.

If you are accepted on the course, your place will be secured by a non-refundable deposit of 10000 Norwegian kroner.

Payment terms can be discussed and agreed after discussion.

The independent module is at a place of your choosing and to be completed at a time of your choosing between modules 1 and 4. Any costs involved in this independent work must be met by yourself, but there is no requirement to spend any money on that module. All will become clearer during module 1, when you will receive guidance.

Homework will be given based around methods and techniques that you learn during our work together.

Getting Here

If you accepted on the course, we will send you details of how to get here and we will be very happy to guide you with travel plans from wherever you set off from. The school is easy to get to by car or bus. Buses stop directly outside the school.

This training is available by application only

This Shamanic Practitioner Training takes place over a 9 month period with 5 separate residential components all held on our site at Ytre Sogn, Norway. We have small groups of between 3 to 6 people and need to ensure students are committed to the process.