The most important and powerful part of healing is raising one’s hand and asking for help

Shamanic Healing

It is your choice whether you employ a shamanic practitioner or any other so called alternative practitioner, but we still need to point out shamanic healing is not recognised in the current western culture as treatment for sickness. Some clients will choose shamanic healing as an addition to more conventional and culturally accepted routes to well-being.

Please do not try to use shamanic healing as an ’emergency service’, you should contact a medical professional for urgent problems.

Each person arrives with unique requirements and it is not wise to assume how work will progress. But it is common for people to come because something is out of balance.

Typically, shamanic practitioners will be involved in moving around energies or spirits. For example, there may be negative energies present that need to be removed, or perhaps there are what are called ┬┤soul parts┬┤ temporarily absent and in need of return.

Shamanic practitioners work with what they call spirit allies. Defining ‘spirit’ is unimportant for the work. When a person has asked for help, the focus of the practitioner will be to connect with outside energies that will drive the work and search for benefits.

For optimum benefit, a person must become an active participant in their own well-being. After shamanic healing, there will be integration work that the client should participate in. This work can be challenging, but is essential to bring the most out of the process.

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