Healing services

A note about fees

If you cannot afford my fees, you are invited to contact me to see if we can find a solution.

A note about my work

In my experience, shamanic healing is a process rather than an event. By far the most powerful results arrive as a client takes an active role and engages as fully as possible with integration work given to them following my work.

Before any work can commence, I must have consent from you. Please click here for the consent form that can be completed and submitted online.

Shamanic healing with classical methods

This particular can be done on-line or in person and includes the following:

An introduction to look at some of the main issues in your life as you see them and talk about how to move forward.

A ‘traditional’ shamanic journey to find out what work will be done for you at that time and discuss that with you.

Some advice about work you may need to do in preparation for the healing.

The healing work. This often involves negative energy extraction and soul retrieval, although it may not be limited to these.

A discussion about what was done along with any changes you have noticed.

You will also be given integration tasks to do yourself, which are at least as important as the healing work itself.

Some kinds of healing work I will not carry out remotely. If any of this arises for you, I will identify it after session two and give you advice about how you might proceed.

The cost of this block of work is 2000 Norwegian kroner and is payable in advance.


Ancestral curse removal

Many years ago, cursing used to be quite common. Quite often a curse would be made that sat upon a family line. Such curses could spread across many generations and potentially continue until deactivated.

Signs of an ancestral curse greatly vary, but often a reasonable indicator could be recurring patterns of behaviour or misfortune that are noticeable across different generations.

If you believe you are affected by an ancestral curse, I can be guided in a search for its source and safely deconstruct it so that you can be free from its influences.

Deconstructing a curse can be done remotely, but there should be an introductory meeting before the work and a debriefing meeting afterwards. These meetings can be held on Zoom and would usually last around 45 minutes. Alternatively, if the work is carried out in person we need only have one session of around 2 hours.

The price for curse deconstruction, including the meetings, the work and a report, is 1400 Norwegian kroner, payable in advance.


The Sacred Womb

Transformative ritual and ceremony work designed to guide you to move away from aspects within your life that no longer serve you, this being necessary before moving into a new and beneficial way of being. This work brings opportunities for the ego to mature and find a meaningful beneficial relationship with the soul. Further description is not necessary, because you will simply know if this is one of your sacred appointments or not.

This is to be done in person at our farm in Ytre Sogn over a 4 day period. Accommodation and food is included and the work is for between 1 to 3 people.

Price for one individual: 9500 Norwegian kroner.

Total price for two people together: 15000 kroner.

Total price for three people together: 20000 kroner.