Shamanic Training

Shamanic Training Module 2


24 July to 28 July 2024


Ytre Sogn, Norway – next to the beautiful Sognefjord. Get here by car or by bus.


8000 Norwegian kroner – fully residential.

Included in the price:

Tuition, accommodation and all meals.

The module includes:

Stepping Towards Balance and Harmony

One aim of practices such as shamanism is to enable movement towards balance so a person can start to be free of non-beneficial energies and more full of beneficial energies. The two classical healing practices covered in this module are an essential part of the practitioner┬┤s tools.

You will learn and practice these methods and have many opportunities to release negative energies in or around yourself as well as bringing back soul parts of your own. In providing care for ourselves, we can become more adept at providing care for others.

Negative Energy Removal

You learn and practice how to identify negative energy intrusions affecting a person, to remove them and then neutralise them. Once this is done, beneficial energy is then introduced to the person so that greater harmony can be upheld.

You can read more about this by clicking here.

Soul Retrieval

Parts of a person’s soul can split away and become absent during highly emotionally charged experiences, particularly trauma. You learn and practice this classical shamanic method in which the practitioner makes a journey with spirit allies to find and bring back missing parts so the affected person can become more whole and integrated.

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