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Is this course for me?

This course is for you if you are aiming to become a shamanic practitioner and have a very strong interest in shamanism and the healing methods used.

There are four components, each being five days long. The whole course takes place over about a one year period, each component being spaced about three or four months apart.

The course is demanding and a high level of commitment and engagement is needed. Training is face-to-face within a group of around six people.

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Dates, place and cost

Unit 1: – 26 April – 30 April 2023

Unit 2: – 19 July – 23 July 2023

Unit 3: – 8 Nov – 12 Nov 2023

Unit 4: – 6 Mar – 10 Mar 2024

The total course cost is 32,000 Norwegian kroner, including tuition, food, accommodation, supervision (outside of training times) by experienced practitioners and regular support for one year after the course.


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About the course

We facilitate a one-year practitioner program teaching all the classical shamanic healing methods enabling you to start your own practice.

Training takes a cross-cultural approach which gives you excellent opportunities to provide high quality work for clients.

The course is designed to give you hands-on experience as well as knowledge. All teaching sessions are at our small farm in Ytre Sogn, Norway. You will also have ongoing practice with homework, tasks, assignments and assessments. An experienced practitioner will also be allocated to you during the training. Free regular support is offered online for one year following the course.

The work also includes aspects for your own self-development, with practical, useful techniques designed to encourage deeper levels of spiritual alignment, wherever you are in your process.

Shamans understand that illness has a spiritual basis and so it is beneficial to add spirit-led work to a person’s healing journey. One aim of shamanic healing work is to diminish negative forces while replenishing beneficial forces.

Working in a small group of around six people and your trainer, you will be shown methods and techniques that have been around for thousands of years. Some of your own ancestors would have practiced shamanism effectively and very many shamanic healing clients in modern times still report great benefits.

In the section ‘About Course Content’ you will see brief summaries of methods you will be learning. Clicking on each one takes you to a more detailed description if you wish to know more.

Clicking on ‘How to Apply’ opens a new page describing what to do if you wish to be considered for this work.

About course content

Methods that are taught are listed below. Click on the title if you wish to read more than the summary given,

Soul Retrieval

Soul loss occurs in highly emotionally charged experiences, particularly trauma. You learn to retrieve lost soul parts so the affected person can be more whole & integrated.

Negative Energy Extraction

Negative energies commonly become stuck within or around a person. You learn how to remove and neutralize these so a person is freed from their influences.


You will learn how to request answers to questions by consulting forces outside of yourself. This often brings very powerful answers to important inquiries.

Disengagement of Spirit Attachments

Sometimes a spirit can become attached to a living person. You will learn how to disengage such spirits and help them to move to their proper home.

Curse Removal

Active curses are common in our times. You will learn to find curse sources and safely remove them so an affected person is freed from their impacts.


After death, some spirits become lost and unable to move to their proper destination. You will learn how to find these and help them move on.