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About this course

The drum is the most ancient instrument dating back thousands of years. It has been the companion of shamans the world over during their healing, ritual and ceremonial work, as well as aiding movement between worlds. When you make a shamanic drum, you are facilitating the birth of a truly sacred object.

Birthing the Shaman’s Drum is a residential course where you are guided to make your own shamanic drum and drum beater.

The hides for the drums are sourced with care to ensure good ethics. The drum hoops are handmade by Simon using responsibly sourced wood. It is now quite rare to be able to use handmade hoops.

During the course we will engage in drumming, power dancing, ritual and deep ceremonial work, some of which is not available in any of our other courses. Once drums, beaters and rattles have been birthed, we will then awaken these sacred power objects and complete our work with an empowerment ceremony.

Date, place, cost

No date available yet. Check back soon.

Fully residential in Ytre Sogn.

9000 Norwegian kroner including tuition, all materials, all food and accommodation.

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The course is held in English.