Training and Workshops

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

A new course by Simon Chamberlain

21 to 25 June 2023

Soul retrieval is perhaps the most well known of all shamanic healing modalities and has been practiced cross-culturally for thousands of years.

At times of trauma or highly emotionally charged situations, part of a person’s soul leaves. Such departure was probably protective. In times of old there were plenty of practitioners of the magical arts, such as shamans, who would be there to help restore soul parts. These days there are far fewer practitioners and so many people experience feelings of detachment and have only limited opportunities to regain wholeness.

The course is residential and the price includes accommodation and food.

During this course you will learn:

How to find a healing ally that will lead you to missing soul parts and restore them to an affected person.

The method of locating and restoring soul parts.

Techniques to encourage affected persons to cultivate fertile ground within themselves so that returned soul parts remain with them and thrive.

How to identify qualities that each soul part is returning with and how to report these back to the affected person.

Other aspects of soul loss that are sometimes used in the work.

You will also have many opportunities for your own healing during the work itself.