Shamanic Training

Shamanic Training Module 1


22 May to 26 May 2024


Ytre Sogn, Norway – next to the beautiful Sognefjord. Get here by car or by bus.


8500 Norwegian kroner – fully residential.

Included in the price:

Tuition, accommodation and all meals.

The module includes:

Sacred Spaces

You practice moving away non-beneficial energies while attracting beneficial energies in spaces, as well as in and around people and Nature. This promotes workable safe containers and sufficiently harmonious environments in which to work and live.

Shamanic Journey Work

You learn and practice this classical shamanic method also sometimes called Soul Flight. This is one of the primary tools of the shamanic practitioner and is used is many ways.

Journey work is most often facilitated by drumming and it should be noted that this school does not utilise psychoactive substances of any kind.

During journey work, the practitioner contacts and communicates with spirit allies who help with the intended work, for example for healing or guidance.


You learn some useful divination techniques which can be employed to answer questions. An advantage of asking question using divining techniques is the answer comes from outside of the self, in other words the ego stands aside to allow direct information to flow through.

Spirit Allies

Using journey work, you learn how to request guidance from helpful, loving, compassionate, teaching spirit guides. Practitioners work in partnership with these allies to meet the intentions of the work. In this school, we work exclusively in compassionate ways.

Development Work

You can engage in work designed to identify and cast off aspects, habits, roles, expectations, difficult ways of thinking, etc., that no longer serve you. The techniques we use to do this can be repeated as many times as you wish, so that you become more and more clear of non-beneficial energies. This can help you move more closely towards your trues self, to become more whole and to follow your sacred dreams with fewer hinderances. These techniques can also be used for your friends, family and clients whenever it is appropriate.