Shamanic Practitioner Training

Application for Practitioner Training

The application process

The Nordic School of Shamanism Practitioner Training is designed to give comprehensive education into known accepted methods of shamanic practice. Successful completion of the course will arm the aspirant with a full range of classical techniques that can be deployed for the well-being of clients experiencing a range of maladies.

Applicants should consider the commitment required to engage successfully in this high level intense training. For completion of the work, each candidate must attend all four components in person at Ytre Sogn, Norway. As well as this, students will also be given tasks, homework and practice work outside of the components and some of these will need to be reported in writing for assessment by a supervisor. One of the assignments is a solitary pilgrimage including a minimum of one overnight stay at the student’s expense. Details of this will be made clear during the training.

A solid coherent group of students is highly beneficial to the work and each candidate is asked to accept commitment to the group before applying. The student groups will be small, usually around five or six.

If you have interest in this work but are unsure about whether to commit to it, please contact Simon and he will be happy to arrange a video chat. Click here for the contact form and request “video chat about PT”.

Before applying

  • Check your availability for the course dates given on the course page before applying.
  • Consider your finances and make careful assessment whether you can commit to the fees.
  • Consider your commitment to this level of training.
  • Read through all the course descriptions, including all the methods taught and ensure you are comfortable with the content before committing to this work. If necessary, ask as many questions as you need so that you are sure that the work is suitable for you.
  • Organize your application and write it out before using the submission link.
  • Ask any questions you need to, using the contact section on this website.

Please apply by completing and sending the form

Applications need to include your full name and address. Please give well considered information about yourself, including any spiritual or esoteric experience you have had, along with a brief description of your motivation towards this training. It is not a requirement to have had experience of shamanism or esoteric work.

Please also include any other information you feel is important when applying for this work, including any health conditions that you feel are relevant.

Once you have submitted the form, your application will be considered and you should have a reply within a couple of weeks afterwards.