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The shamanic journey

This is a way to access the spirit worlds where we can gain spirit allies for the work. While there are a number of ways to journey, we almost always employ a steady rhythmic beat from a drum or something similar. The steady rhythm has the potential to induce the altered state of consciousness necessary for the journey. The tempo is around 4 – 7 beats per second.

We can journey for ourselves or on behalf of another person, such as a client. Typically, journeys are made to ask questions or to request healing, but there may be other reasons for the work. The whole journey from start to finish has important information. The language of Spirit is metaphor and we should take great care to avoid rationalising information given.

While there are some aspects of journey work that are fairly common, it should be remembered that journeys vary greatly. Different people have different experiences throughout the whole process and there is no right or wrong way. Perception will also very for different people and it is not uncommon to gain information without it being seen as if by the eyes, heard as if by the ears, etc. The more one journeys, the more one becomes attuned to authentic perception within journey work.