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How to get here

Flights from Oslo to Bergen are at these times.

Oslo Gardermoen (OSL) 07:00 – Bergen (BGO) 07:55

Oslo Gardermoen (OSL) 08:00 – Bergen (BGO) 08:55

Oslo Gardermoen (OSL) 08:55 – Bergen (BGO) 09:50

Oslo Gardermoen (OSL) 10:40 – Bergen (BGO) 11:35

Times may vary, check with the airline:

From Bergen

Book a bus NW431 (Bergen to Førde) from Bergen Bus Station to Torvund Indre. You can do this on the website here: Make sure the driver knows you want to get off at Indre Torvundsvegen, otherwise the bus may go past your stop. You will be met at the bus stop at approximately 15:12. There is a later bus, so if you cannot reach the bus station in time for this then email the school for details.

Times may vary, check with the bus company on the link provided.

By Car

Enter the address on your GPS or “maps”: Indre Torvundsvegen 6, 6947

If you do not have GPS, email the school for detailed instructions.

If you get lost!

Telephone or text (+47) 46584918 and give your details. Please do not use this telephone number for any other purposes.